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The simplest and fastest way to your new clients

  • Through registration at your clinic / medical practice will be transparently, nationally and internationally presented, with your name and your own website address.
  • All inquiries from all potential clients in your vicinity, in your country and from international clients will be automatically sent via e-mail directly to you.
  • From the inquiries of your potential clients you will see on at a glance the wishes of clients and their informational needs and preferences for treatment, including the required location of treatment.
  • All potential clients can additionally, without inquiry also view your website and the address of your clinic directly.
  • You, as a clinic, will decide for yourself which clients come into question for you and which inquiry you wish to answer.
  • Additionally also inquiries from clients from other countries, who are interested in treatment in your country, will also be sent to you.
  • You can, at any time cancel your registration / subscription at No long-term commitment nor obligation originates from it.
  • Please send us your non-binding Representation / Contact form on this page and in response you will receive an e-mail with complete registration information.
  • For all individual registration questions please contact us via: - E-mail: - Service number : +1 305.560.5399
  • With us you are both target-wise and price-wise always on top on the internet, without unnecessary costs for advertisement from your side.
  • Additionally you have the possibility to send to your potential clients your news and other information.
  • For potential clients of aesthetic surgery inquiries at are free of charge.